Monkeying ’round Released!

Monkeying ‘round was a game developed for all ages to enjoy! Henry the monkey is trying to dodge brick and mortar to make it through the maze of trouble. Bricks in his city are falling from high above, and he is constantly trying to dodge him. Your score will keep climbing as long as you don’t get hit! You can earn extra points by catching falling bananas! Play by yourself, or play against a friend. Everyone will enjoy it! Keep missing bricks to gain levels and achieve the highest level possible! Good luck!

Intern 911 Pearls Released!

Intern 911 Pearls was developed to supplement important clinical information used in the hospital and outpatient clinic by residents and medical students. Our goal is to help you learn in the most effective and efficient way to aid in your current and future patient care. The user-friendly format allows the user to select a specific specialty to study or to test oneself on all the “pearls” combined. Our goal is to provide relevant and “need to know” data about medical knowledge used each and everyday. Our goal is to release an update to the application every month adding at least ten new pearls.

Louisiana Parishes App Released!

Louisiana is the only state in the United States to identify its territorial units as a “Parish” instead of a County. This application was created to challenge your knowledge of Louisiana’s parishes. This application brings Louisiana geography to you in an easy and enjoyable way. The application contains two modes, Quiz Mode and Study Mode. Study Mode helps you identify and learn each Louisiana Parish. Quiz Mode lets you test what you have learned. This is a fun and enjoyable app, and a must for anyone interested in geography.